About Us : Pro Life Speakers and Banquet Speakers

In 1988, with less than a handful of speakers, Ron Miller was given the assignment to build a speakers bureau! Now, nearly 25 years later, Ron holds the honor of being the longest-tenured, faith based agent currently, actively working in the lecture industry. In 2009, Ron, along with co-owner and co-founder, Jonathan Clements, launched BHind the Scenes, Inc. BTS is comprised of Wheelhouse Literary Group, a hip new lit agency that Jonathan oversees and Single Source Speakers, for which Ron is president. By cutting the “red tape” and working only with speakers who have reasonable fees, SSS takes the hassle out of scheduling a speaker. At Single Source, we pride ourselves with the ability to locate and schedule celebrity and “hard to find” speakers!

Driven by a deep-rooted compassion for the unborn, we have placed major emphasis on providing quality speakers for the pro-life movement, which allows us to work with thousands of Pregnancy Resource Centers and other pro-life organizations throughout the world! Most of our work has involved scheduling speakers into a variety of events, the majority of which are fundraisers. Additionally, we have been able to counsel many frustrated directors about questions and obstacles they’ve been confronted with in regards to their fundraising efforts.

Over the years, Ron has attended well over 100 banquets (that’s a lot of chicken!) and, to the best of my estimations, through speakers we have scheduled, the pro-life community has raised over $60,000,000! We have scheduled events for such notables as Cal Thomas, Alan Keyes, Margaret Bush, JC Watts, Carol Everett, Gianna Jessen, Steve Arterburn, Janet Parshall, Gary Bauer, Erika Harold, Pat Williams, Jill Stanek, Lee Ezell, Julie Parton, Lisa Whelchel, John McCaslin, Frank Schaeffer, Sydna Masse, Kirk Walden, Nathan Bolton, Henry Jernigan, Rebecca Kiessling, Bobby Schindler, Kathy Sparks, Derrick Tenant, Mike Williams and dozens of others!

One of the most frequently heard statements from a PRC director is, “I need a pro-life speaker!” If we’ve heard that once, we’ve heard it thousands of times! Thus…www.ineedaprolifespeaker.com!!! Wanting to cater to the specific, unique needs of the pro-life community, we have developed a brand new website intended strictly for pro-life speakers/customers! Over the next year, we’ll be adding features to it. As you have time to explore, please send us any idea that you may have…that you may like to see incorporated into the site. We’re excited about this new, boutique approach for you, the pro-life advocate!

We are equally excited about our new agent, Debra Stern. Debra worked with us for a number of years and then moved to California. She’s back!!! So feel free to contact us and we’ll go to work for you. Our goal is simple…to make your job easier. We look forward to hearing from you soon!