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Kevin McCullough

Kevin McCullough is the CEO and Founder of Xtreme Media LLC of New York


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Kevin McCullough

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Kevin McCullough is the CEO and Founder of Xtreme Media LLC of New York. He is a nationally syndicated radio host of “Baldwin/McCullough Radio” an independently syndicated radio talk show that went from 3 stations its launch week to nearly 200 stations in roughly a year’s time. The multi-media platform of internet television, live chat, live callers to the show, and dynamic common sense have proven to be a winning formula for one the most unique radio broadcasts ever devised. Kevin’s partner at Xtreme Media is the actor Stephen Baldwin (President).

Xtreme Media seeks to provide “common sense content” into a variety of avenues that include: talk radio, written editorial, film & television, “LIVE” events, and of course web platforms. More on the work of Xtreme Media is found at http://BMXRadioNow.com. The company thinks of itself as “Common Sense on Steroids!” In July of 2009 Kevin McCullough became an official contributor to Fox News, appearing regularly on “The Strategy Room,” the News & Business Channels, as well as a contributor to the Fox Forum editorial section of FoxNews.com. Kevin has emerged as an in demand speaker for high school and college audiences. Advocating for the engagement of their own generation, McCullough seeks to empower tomorrow’s generation with up-to-the-minute tools to assume the leadership responsibility that is upon them now.

Kevin McCullough is emerging as the leader of a Revolution that is not only screaming out for sense that is no longe common in our society, but does so as one of the most widely respected evangelical voices in the nation today. He advocates for such shocking things as absolute truth, as well as proper stewardship and integrity in the actions of our public leaders. He even has the audacity to say men and women are unique and as such have equal but different roles in the culture today. He’s been called the heir apparent to Dobson and Falwell, by one America’s leading journalists, and most prolific faith-based writers.

Formerly a daily talk show host in NYC, the “MuscleHead Revolution” broadcast emanated from New York City 2-4pm EST weekdays on flagship WMCA 570. Kevin’s first six years in market one, New York City, was footnoted with extraordinary success. As a television pundit Kevin’s appearances have ranged from battling an elementary school teacher who saw nothing wrong with operating a porn business in her home on the OPRAH WINFREY Show, to taking on the brass knuckles of the ACLU on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL. He has also appears on CNN, CSPAN, PBS, as well as NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates.

Kevin McCullough is also a published author of two titles with HARVEST HOUSE publishers. His first hardback book titled, The MuscleHead Revolution, released in September 2006 has received the praise of critics and everyday readers alike. It’s also had scorned heaped upon it by the politically correct, and intellectually disconnected as well. In 2008 his even more successful follow-up The Kind of Man Every Man Should Be threw down the gauntlet to modern feminism, and began to rebuild the ever-so-needed “real man” for today’s world.

Kevin McCullough has also written as a nationally syndicated columnist since the fall of 1999. He has written extensively on the issues of our times. His column’s exclusive online home is now TOWNHALL.com. His column became anchored at World Net Daily in 2001. His 750 word weekly piece also ended up appearing in countless other internet and printed publications. He has appeared in New York Newsday, The New York Post, The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, Christianity Today, The Daily Herald, The Illinois Leader, Human Events, and NewsMax. At the urging of fellow Salem Broadcaster Hugh Hewitt, Kevin took to the new idea of blogging in 2003. He quickly adapted to the new, innovative, and lightening quick medium. In this vein he is still developing. He blogs on politics, pop culture, and faith-based concerns…

Well known and respected in political, entertainment, and pro-family leadership circles Kevin McCullough makes sure that “MuscleHeads” are sure not to simply receive vital information on the raging cultural debates, but provocative and challenging content that demands attention and if necessary – action. Masses don’t generally care to read about the daily x’s and o’s of politics daily, which is why Kevin blogs on things that people do have passion about – and when necessary makes the connection to the political arena for how to correct wrongs, injustices, and dangers that threaten us all.

Prior to coming to New York City, Chicago, and Dallas were the two main media footprint’s of Kevin’s broadcast history. He has also performed super-sub duties for national talkers like Hugh Hewitt and Tom Roeser.