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Destiny not only embodies pro-life feminism, she breathes life into it


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Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa

“Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa not only embodies pro-life feminism, she breathes life into an often misunderstood viewpoint with her humor, intelligence, irreverence, and compassion. Plus, just look at how long her last name is. So you know she must be legit.

Destiny, the founder and president of New Wave Feminists, has always been prolife. Her mother became pregnant with her at the age of 19 while living on her own in a very liberal college town and attending UT. The strength it took for her to choose life for her unborn daughter when it would’ve been so easy, and some might have even said “responsible,” for her to choose abortion, are what cultivated such deep-rooted conviction about the sanctity of human life in Destiny. So when she became pregnant herself at the age of 16, she knew there were many choices to be made, but abortion was not one of them. Now a happily married mother of two girls and two boys, she’s become an expert, out of necessity, on this cycle which grooms females from a very young age to view their sexuality as their most valuable contribution to this world, while simultaneously teaching men through the pornification of our culture that this is totally acceptable and perhaps even empowering to women. For too long the feminist movement hasn’t been about celebrating the uniqueness of our inherent superpowers; it’s been about striving for the lowest base level of equality possible.

Destiny knew that was not a movement she wanted to pass down to her daughters, nor was it the example of truly empowered womanhood she wanted to model for her sons. New Wave Feminists fights to take the “F-word” back and once again make it something that elevates both women and men to the highest level of greatness they are capable of achieving.

After being removed as a partner from the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017 for their pro-life views, New Wave Feminists has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, Vice News, Slate, NPR, and many more publication for their willingness to challenge the status quo.”