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Stars of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” Reality TV series for over four years


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Tyler & Catelynn

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Tyler Baltierra

Tyler was born and raised in Marine City, Michigan, just a mile away from the Canadian border, about 45 minutes outside of Detroit. He was raised by Kim, a single mom, who worked multiple jobs to provide for Tyler and his older sister, Amber. Tyler’s dad was in and out of jail most of his life and rarely present. Kim was born-again and devoted herself to Jesus Christ when Tyler was nine years-old, leading her to find fulltime work as a mortgage processor. In 2013, when Tyler was 21 years-old, Kim married for the first time. As a child, Tyler was diagnosed with multiple psychological illnesses, finding it difficult to pay attention in class as he frequently rebelled against authority. Tyler engaged in heavy drug use, smoking, and alcohol as early as nine years of age. Tyler met Catelynn when they were both 12 years-old and began dating at 13. They have been together ever since seventh grade (eight years) and are engaged. Tyler is currently pursuing his two year, Associate’s degree at a Michigan Community College and plans on finishing his education studying psychology at a four year university. In the future, Tyler wants to counsel juvenile delinquents and other youth experiencing similar challenges that he faced growing up.

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn was born and raised in Michigan, but moved as many as twenty times from different cities, suburbs, and small towns in Michigan to Ohio to moving in with her grandparents in Florida. Catelynn and her younger siblings primarily grew up with April, her single mother, in a very unstable household. Catelynn became pregnant with Tyler when they were both 16 years-old. Catelynn had Carly, her biological daughter, when she was just 17 years-old, and together, in consultation with Tyler, they decided to place Carly into a stable, adoptive home outside of Michigan.

Catelynn and Tyler spent considerable time with their adoption counselor researching and evaluating prospective parents for their daughter before settling on Brandon and Teresa, as the right parents for their daughter. Brandon, a financial advisor, and Teresa, a Christian school administrator, had been trying to have children of their own for years but were unsuccessful due to fertility issues. Catelynn and Tyler chose an open adoption through Bethany Christian Adoption Services, allowing for them to stay in contact with Carly and her adoptive parents periodically for the rest of her life. Brandon and Teresa appealed to Catelynn and Tyler because of their devout Christian Faith, strong morals, financial stability, and outstanding education. Catelynn and Tyler concluded that they couldn’t provide Carly the life she deserved and made the incredibly difficult, but unselfish decision to place their child into a home with better opportunities and stability for Carly’s future. Since making the decision to place their daughter into an adoptive home, Tyler and Catelynn have traveled the country, speaking to tens of thousands at over two dozen colleges, universities, high schools, community centers, and Faith-based conferences, promoting adoption and discussing their positive experience with it.

Catelynn graduated from an alternative high school in 2011 and enrolled in Baker College to begin studying social work in her pursuit of working for Bethany Adoption Services full-time upon graduation. Catelynn hopes to work with pregnant mothers, struggling with the same decision she made at a young age, with little family support.

Honorarium: $2,501 to $5,000