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CJ Payne - Pro Life Speaker

20 years as a Pregnancy Center Director enables CJ to have a unique understanding of your audience


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CJ Payne

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20 years as a Pregnancy Center Director enables CJ to have a unique understanding of the importance of captivating your audience with an excitement for your Center. CJ knows your pregnancy centers banquet is crucial to enabling people to realize the mission field God has placed in their community.

CJs grandmother twice tried to cause an abortion when she was in the womb of her 14 year old mother…But God had a different plan!

That plan would have a powerful impact in the lives of 6 generations in her family.” Instead of becoming a victim of abortion, CJ Payne grew up to become a vessel in the Lord’s hand and was used to lead both her Mother and her Grandmother to Christ.

When CJ answered the call to serve as a Pregnancy Center Director, she was unaware of how abortion had impacted her own family. Later she learned a heartbreaking family secret about how another family member’s completed abortion had caused tragic emotional results. At that time, she also learned that she could have been an abortion victim herself.

It was then that CJ felt God’s call to share her family story. Hers is a testimony that enables others to understand the importance of Pregnancy Centers to those who need hope and help in a crisis pregnancy.

As a Center Director with 20years of banquet experience, CJ knows the importance of using humor and passion in inspiring your audience. She is also skilled in how to present an appeal that will motivate your banquet guests to become a part of God’s mission team to accomplish His miracles through your Center.