Alan Keyes

Keyes has unashamedly raised the standard of unalienable rights in defense of the unborn

Bobby Schindler

Bobby Schindler is the executive director of the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation

Brad Stine

Brad Stine is the most media covered Christian comedian in the country

Cecile Kaiser

As a comedienne, illusionist, and speaker, from the second she takes the stage, God’s love comes bubbling through

Chad Eastham

Author and RevolveTour speaker Chad Eastham speaks to hundreds of thousands of teens each year

Chet McDoniel

Born without arms and with shortened legs, Chet may not look perfect…but he is worth it!

Dana Che

Dana Che is an inspirational speaker and Amazon best-selling author most known for her ability to influence and empower others

Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa

Destiny not only embodies pro-life feminism, she breathes life into it

Dr. Walt Larimore

Dr. Larimore is one of America’s best-known family physicians

Dr. William Lile

Dr. William Lile, “The ProLifeDoc”, is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Evie West

Evie speaks from the experience of planning the termination of her second unborn son

Janet Folger Porter

Janet (Folger) Porter is the President and Founder ofFaith2Action

Jennifer O’Neill

Internationally acclaimed actress, director, spokeswoman, author, inspirational speaker, and proud mother

Jessica Tyson

Being born an identical twin to a single mother with substance abuse, she shares the story of life, trails, and challenges

Jill Stanek

Jill risked her job, reputation, and friendships to stop the terrible practices of abortion and infanticide

Julie Parton

Dr. Julie Parton currently serves as Executive Director of Texas Life Connections

Justin Osmond

Justin Osmond, the 2nd son of Merrill & Mary Osmond was born with a profound sensorial-neural hearing loss.

Kathy Espinoza

Kathy has many initials after her name but none as important as

Kathy Sparks

“Called out of darkness and into His marvelous light”

Katy Flood

Katy is passionate about encouraging women to walk in the truth of who they are

Myra Simons

Guest Speaker at over 150 churches, conferences, special events, and pregnancy resource centers


A Nazareth performance is uplifting, inspiring, and exuberantly positive

Shadia Hrichi

Inspired by the notion that before we are born, God calls us each by name, Shadia founded Beautiful Voice Ministries.

Shawn Harper

Life coach and former NFL Player, Shawn Harper is living proof that a set-back is a set up for a comeback!

Steve Arterburn

Steve Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries

Terry Beatley

It started as a promise. The promise has now grown into a nationwide mission. Journey with Terry Beatley on this nine year odyssey of fulfilling her promise to carry forward the pro-life mantle of Dr. Bernard N. Nathanson. He was the doctor once known as America’s “Abortion King” who founded

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